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    Ali Reeve (Stamps Away)

    Stamps Away is the crafty creation of husband and wife Paul and Ali Reeve. It is a company that proudly produces many many products for paper crafters and mixed media artists, from their factory in the Leicestershire countryside. Ali is the crafter and Paul is the computer whizz that can make things happen!

    It all began back in 2002 with a little sponge fish! Ali attended an education show, in her position as an early years teacher, and Paul went along to keep her company. Well they were shown an amazing die cutting machine, and that was it, Ali needed one and Paul saw the potential. So what started as a venture to allow Ali to buy more crafty equipment soon turned in to a full time job. Ali’s life long love of all things crafty matched with Paul’s love of machines, soon saw them invest in a stamp making machine. And before they knew it they were the proud owners of lasers, that could cut stencils and templates. Then the real fun began with the introduction of MDF into the mix. Storage and exciting home decor pieces became a large part of the business.

    Ali, with her teaching background, loved nothing more than experimenting with all manner of things to decorate and craft with, and not only that but share it with other like minded people. So a classroom was added in to the factory and Ali enjoys teaching all day workshops throughout the year, sharing her ideas and stretching the boundaries of crafting.

    Classes can be booked online at http://www.clevercut.co.uk/AllDayClass.asp.

    While Paul keeps busy in the background designing and building the next kit or item, all the kits and products can be seen on the website http://www.clevercut.co.uk.

    The day to day adventures in the world of Ali and Paul can be followed on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ali.reeve.92 and she is busy adding crafty projects and creations to Instagram follow them here https://www.instagram.com/clevercut/

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