• Crafty Beggars In The House

    Ali Underwood

    Soap-er-star Ali makes 100% natural herbal soaps with moisturising oils and carefully selected flowers making them ideal for even the most sensitive skin.

    Her soaps are palm oil free and vegan and as a keen forager she loves nothing better than creating a new recipe using locally picked ingredients.

    It all started when Ali, a qualified nutritional therapist, found herself working with children & adults who had very sensitive skin conditions and couldn’t use commercial soap. Learning that it left their skin feeling itchy & dried out she started researching alternatives and eventually started making her own soap!

    What’s different about her soaps is that she uses moisture rich oils infused with herbs known for their skin conditioning ability as well as a herbal tea infusion to replace water as a base ingredient.

    Incorporating natural ingredients like calendula, nettle leaf, oat and ground almond provide excellent exfoliating properties that gently buff off dead skin cells as well as giving natural colour and interest.

    There just isn’t a need to use anything artificial, including fragrance. Some of Ali’s soaps are naturally perfumed by the plant material and olive oil, whilst others are lightly fragranced with pure essential oils. Only natural ingredients are used making them perfect for sensitive skin.

    Ali loves making things, she keeps herself busy with nutrition & healthy stuff, photography, running various workshops and being on new courses!
    Her soaps are available from: www.localremedy.co.uk

    Website: www.localremedy.co.uk
    Twitter: @localremedyUK
    Facebook : www.facebook.com/localremedysoap
    Contact: alison@localremedy.co.uk

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