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    Chris Hingel & Emilia – The Land Of Cool

    Chris and Emilia

    The Land of Cool started as an outlet to create artwork that captured the curiosity and quirkiness the Chris’ childhood… A time when life was simple, every day was an adventure, and his primary driving forces were excitement and love.

    Chris found his artwork really resonated with children and so, decided to use this platform to communicate positive messages; to encourage the next generation to make the best choices possible, individually and for the planet as a whole. It also needed to still be lighthearted and fun, and so The Land of Cool clothing line was born. A  socially responsible product line for kids that features fun and exciting designs printed on quality products that are non toxic, fair-trade and ethically sourced.

    When he began looking into creating his products, he soon realised that the clothing industry is one of the most environmentally damaging industries on the planet. It then became essential that he did it right. To create an eco-friendly kids clothing line to help bring awareness to the importance of sustainability in this industry. In turn, sending out a powerful message to children that it’s cool to be aware and care!

    What we’re trying to accomplish with The Land of Cool is to show that there is a better model a clothing brand can follow, one that has a positive impact on our environment and our well being.

    To be part of the movement towards a more ethical fashion industry, one that is small and diversified, not big and branded. We want to encourage more people to join the conversation and broaden the message that accompanies eco fashion. We are in an age where we have the means to make cool clothes that are kind to our environment and society, without compromising on style. To help make eco clothing fun and exciting not plain and boring.

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