• Crafty Beggars House Guests

    Delroy Davis

    Dman of Bad Magic Arts

    From small and simple beginnings a dream was born, to inspire a community of artists through upcycling as a medium. Using a variety of unwanted materials and employing many different skill sets to create art, thus Bad Magic Arts was born.

    A plumber by day, Delroy Davis aka Dman, finds inspiration, serenity and tranquility in expressing himself through his own unique style of art. Seeing beauty and potential in discarded every day items Dman lives by the ethos of Bad Magic Arts…….Remake, Reuse, Relove. His aim is to welcome, encourage and share the love of upcycled art and bring out the artist in everyone.

    Completely self-taught and working from home and wherever else he can find space and a chilled out vibe, Dman creates art for arts sake as well as doing one off commissioned pieces. His work is available for sale through Facebook, instagram, pinterest and etsy details below.

    Facebook:- Dman Art
    Instagram:- Badmagicarts
    Pinterest:- Badmagicarts
    Etsy:- Badmagicarts

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