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    Edwina Davison

    Edwina trying on outfits in Anthropologie

    Edwina Davison was working in the construction industry as a Civil Engineer, before deciding that the job wasn’t providing the fulfilment she wanted from her profession. Since leaving the industry, she has been working at Anthropologie where she gets to explore her creativity and be inspired by the produce in the shop. Some of the weaving artwork there encouraged her to look into weaving herself, and, after finding the London Loom workshop in Hackney she decided to try her hand at it, and took her husband along!

    She has found the problem solving that she developed while studying her civil engineering also helps her tap into her creative side, and she has since also come up with an idea for a narrow console table in her hallway, built from some bits and pieces she picked up at Homebase and hung from the picture rail.

    Her advice to other wannabe crafters like herself, is to trust your creative instinct, and have a go!

    Edwina & husband after finishing their weaving

    The weaves hanging in the bedroom

    The console table

    The console table

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