• Crafty Beggars In The House

    Helen van der Linden

    Helen has always enjoyed being crafty beginning with batik, silk painting & embroidery, which then evolved into a passion for mosaics, due to the vast colour range & durability of glass and ceramics.

    Helen’s mosaic work is heartfelt and all about colour, texture and spreading a feeling of happiness & joy. She loves to create mosaics in different styles with various materials, such as timeless, beautiful vintage china which she recycled into gifts & decorations. In addition, she is equally passionate creating colourful, fresh, vibrant & quirky mosaics on various themes such as seaside, birds, gardens, angels, fairy tales ~ making each mosaic totally unique and enchanting in its own way! She has her own range of signature hearts for every occasion, wall-hangings, Christmas & Easter decorations, Love words, birdhouses, mirrors to name a few!

    She is happy freely exploring her creativity, paying great attention to detail with careful cutting and shaping, as well as to the grouting process, painstakingly digging all the textures of the mosaics back out of the grout. These are all time-consuming stages which are worth it as the mosaics don’t fade, are very strong and last for years.  It’s most exciting creating something soft, tactile & flowing out of an essentially hard medium of glass or ceramics and it’s always delightful seeing people and children touching the mosaics at fairs and shows. Helen has been thrilled working on bespoke commissions fulfilling client’s dreams, creating long-lasting mosaics for special memories and heirloom gifts.

    Her vibrant designs reflect her passion for travel too, having grown up in Africa she loves to re-create colourful, tropical mosaics. She also travelled the world as a stewardess which gave her more inspiration & now she’s happily settled in Sussex and has developed her love for English gardens, flowers & birds, country & seaside. She attends fairs, galleries and Open Houses in Brighton and the surrounding areas. For news, more photos & updates please follow Mosaic Mad on Facebook or contact Helen as follows:

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/mosaicmad99
    Mail: helenvanderlinden99@gmail.com
    Tel: 01444 454442 or 07713 861533
    Instagram: mosaic_mad
    Pinterest: uk.pinterest.com/mosaicmad/
    Etsy: www.etsy.com/uk/your/shops/MosaicMadStudio
    Web: www.mosaicmad.co.uk

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