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    Jo Edge

    Surrey based Jo Edge has been called many things from an Upcycler, Repurposer, Restorer, Painter and Interior Designer but she feels that she is best described as a Furniture Recreation Artist because she takes pieces and makes them come back to life using a whole variety of techniques and mediums, from paint and gilding to restoring the wood to its former glory. She works and collaborates with some amazing restorers, artisans and craftsmen to ensure that when the item is returned or sold it is of the highest professional standard.

    Jo has appeared on Fill Your House For Free showcasing her home for ‘Inpirational Upcycled Homes’ and French Collection and is an ‘Upcycled Hour’ ambassador.

    Specializing in Bespoke Furniture Commissions and Interior Design with an Upcycled perspective. This is such a fantastic concept and works in the same way as a normal interior design project but she uses as much existing furniture as possible in various ways and then tracks down the rest from a variety of sources. She is passionate about encouraging people to take a fresh look at their furniture before buying new. She also writes a review for paint and products and is starting her blog ‘It’s a Creative Life’ shortly. She also hosts Personalized Tutorials and Workshops on request.

    You can find Reclaimed & Reloved at:


    Twitter: @JoEdgeRandR

    Facebook: ReclaimedReloved
    Instagram: reclainedandreloved
    Email: joedge@reclaimedandreloved.co.uk

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