• Crafty Beggars In The House

    Karl “Karlos” Pusey

    Karlos Pusey
    Hailing from Twickenham, Southwest London, Karlos is well versed in an eclectic mix of artwork styles, ranging from photo realistic work through to cartoons and caricatures.

    He has has a 30 year love affair with the airbrush,  working on anything from textiles and murals to motor vehicles.

    Karlos is hugely influenced by the custom car and hot rod scene (of which he is an avid participant) particularly artists such as Ed Roth, Robert Williams and Kenneth “Von Dutch” Howard – the latter being his inspiration to take up traditional freehand pinstriping.

    Other passions include a love of science fiction, rock music and creative writing.

    Karlos is always seeking a new challenge…and it has often been said that he’ll paint anything that sits still long enough!

    Contact: karl.pusey@yahoo.co.uk


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