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    Kelly Stevens


    Kelly Stevens-McLaughlan is the artist and designer behind the FabFunky name.

    She is a self taught artist who re-found her talents only in her mid 40s’.  She lives with her husband and four big dogs by the sea in West Sussex, on the south coast of the UK.

    When Kelly was young she loved to draw and paint, but she couldn’t see that there could be a working future for her doing that.  So she put it all to the back of her head for 29 years and got on with building another career for herself.  Then suddenly in her mid-40s she started to draw again, totally out of the blue.  And she hasn’t stopped since.

    Kelly finds inspiration all around her and she is forever taking pictures and typing ideas onto her phone. She is a lover of the absurd and whimsical which she hopes comes across in her artworks, and of course she is a huge animal lover, so many of her artworks feature animals in absurd situations.

    She has also been a collector of old books and illustrations all of her life, so it’s been a natural progression to start to combine this passion with her artwork.  Kelly adores using forgotten old books and bringing them back to life by putting images onto them and she also enjoys taking old illustrations and repurposing them digitally to create new images.

    Nowadays she mainly works digitally, creating her images straight onto the computer screen, and she enjoys working in a few different styles.

    Living right by the sea means that inspiration for coastal style work is literally on her doorstep and so some days Kelly finds herself creating nautical images that invoke thoughts of warm summer breezes and balmy evenings year round. Whilst on other days, she might find herself creating a rabbit dressed up like a Regency style dandy.

    Working digitally allows Kelly to work in great detail and includes elements that will never be seen, but she likes to know that they are there… hidden away.  Occasionally some of her characters have things under their hats or in their pockets. Finishing a picture digitally gives her the ability to work with secret layers of knick-knacks and keepsakes, that belong only in the 2D world of the image she is creating.

    Her foxes always check their pocket watches when her customers aren’t looking!

    Website:  www.fabfunky.com
    Email:  fab@fabfunky.com

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