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    Melissa Richards

    Melissa Richards

    Melissa Richards is a Designer Remaker. Ever since she can remember, sewing has always been her passion. Her earliest creations were hand sewn clothes for her Barbie dolls, then her earliest ‘pop up shop’ was a little stall she set up outside her house trying to sell handmade goods, when she was eleven. Years down the line, after completing a Fashion degree, (and nominated as FHM Menswear Young Designer 2001) she embarked upon a teaching career in fashion and textiles for almost 10 years.  Melissa’s years of hoarding fabric and haberdashery items have inspired her to set up her new upcycling venture, which she is very excited about.  She now balances this in between looking after her two busy little children!

    ‘Upcycled and exclusive products with a vintage spirit’ is the ethos behind Melissa Richards’ re-made designs. All products are thoughtfully executed re-using materials, and combining traditional techniques and processes to re-create original pieces.

    You can contact Melissa and buy her products through the following:


    South Street Gallery, 2 Lower Square, Isleworth TW7 6RJ

    For more information please also visit the following sites:

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/Melissa-Richards-Designer-ReMaker

    Instagram: www.instagram.com/melissarichardsremaker

    Twitter: twitter.com/MRDesignReMaker

    Tumblr: recreationforthenation.tumblr.com

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