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    Nicola White – Tideline Art

    Nicola White
    Nicola White is a self taught artist, and a River Thames Mudlark.  Her art is inspired by objects she picks up whilst mudlarking along the Thames foreshore in London.  Amongst other things, she uses driftwood, metal, pieces of glass and pottery.

    On moving to London from her childhood home in Cornwall in 1999, Nicola started mudlarking (foraging along the Thames foreshore for pieces of history). As well as some beautiful old pieces of wood, there are a lot of fragments of glass, pottery and old clay pipes to be found scattered along the banks of the river. Some of these pieces are hundreds of years old, and hold their own secret story. It’s the mystery behind these found objects that inspire her. Did this piece of pottery come from a plate belonging to a wealthy Victorian family, or was it from an old tavern in the City of London? Was this fragment of wood from a wrecked boat, or an ancient pier? Who tossed this pipe bowl into the river?  What stories they could tell if they could speak. She loves to put these forgotten, once loved, or discarded fragments back together, and give them a new purpose in a piece of art.

    Inspirations include the artists Alfred Wallis, Guy Taplin, Margaret Mellis, and all those who see beauty in something used and thrown away and can breathe new life into it!



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