• Crafty Beggars In The House

    Scott Sharp


    As a small boy Scott was happiest buried in a box of Lego letting his imagination run riot, whilst all his other friends were out playing football.

    In his early teens it was Scott who everyone turned to if they wanted their bike customised.

    After leaving school he moved from job to job, never really happy – but his jobs allowed him to buy his first car, which he then set about customising.

    Scott bought himself his first welder and spray gun and taught himself how to use them. With all the scrap car parts in his garage, he began to look at them in a different way.

    Using his welder he began to put the pieces of scrap together to create his first sculptures. Scott was a truck driver at this time and created his sculptures in his spare time.

    Demand for his creations then allowed him to follow his passion for creating more of his sculptures, and this is now Scott’s full time job, which he loves dearly.

    Contact: metacreations@hotmail.co.uk


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