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    Steve Yeates

    The renaissance of figurative art has a new protagonist in Brighton born, London based artist Steve Yeates. He explodes the concept of the traditional aesthetic by his innovative use of socially inherent recycled materials such as reconstituted vandalised bus shelter glass & resin or recycled papier mache paper products.

    Working in figurative sculpture allows Steve to challenge the preconception of figurative art while continuing his belief in the use of recycled materials and its inherent methodology. His practise explores definitive states from tragic and haunting to ethereal and dynamic. One of the lessons of his life has been that its transitions can illustrate to him the inconstant energy that is living in today’s often brutal society. The poses of his sculptures commenting on his own experiences using human body language. Eighty percept of all one to one communication is through body language. Steve finds himself particularly drawn to the human form in movement. The shapes created by frozen moments in time appeal to the graphic nature of his designs. He likes his sculptures to be initially aesthetic, but then the viewer discovers the layers of meaning as they delve deeper into his ideas. The viewer’s own experiences become integral to the perception of his practise.

    By the brutal act of destroying his found products then reapplying them he transforms a perception into something new. Through continued experimentation and development he tries to push the boundaries of practise into exciting and innovative directions while continuing the theme of recycling. He likes to use socially intrinsic products such as maps and social media that are easily relatable to the viewer.

    Tel: 07768 455 616
    Website: www.steveyeates.co.uk
    Email: steve@steveyeates.co.uk

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