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    Suzette McDowell

    Suzette McDowell first trained as a Social Scientist, then as a post-16 tutor – she loved teaching adults as there were open discussions, knees up’s and no parent evenings. The nomad in her then said it was time to move on, so she subsequently trained as a social worker, before deciding that her necessity and passion needed a more creative outlet, and Shea-Me, her skincare range, was born.

    ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’, this popular phrase is evident within the Shea-Me ethos. Due to her skin type, Suzette often found it very difficult to find skin care products on the market which both hydrated and nourished her skin. Then a friend introduced her to Shea Butter in its natural form.

    Suzette started making her own creams, experimenting with different raw Shea Butters on the market in order to perfect her recipe. Her products were increasingly in demand by friends and family and in late 2015 she decided to turn her hobby into a business.

    What started as a need became a passion, and it has now catapulted into a fully-fledged business success. Suzette is proud of her commitment to using ethically sourced, organic and pure ingredients that are then 100% hand made into the final body butter on sale. Shea-Me is a one stop organic skincare product for the entire family – head to toes. It can help heal itchy scalps, sore lips, rashes after shaving, ragged cuticles and dry and cracked heels – plus it moisturises the entire body. Shea-Me is antifungal, anti-bacterial, contains Vitamins A, E & F, SPF6 and is paraben free. All products are certified vegan and proudly made with love.

    Website: www.shea-me.co.uk
    Twitter: @Suzette_Shea
    Instagram: @shea1me
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/shea.mebodybutter

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