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    Zoe Pocock

    Zoe Pocock is a businesswoman, upcycler, designer, and TV presenter.

    Starting her business, Muck n Brass, just 4 years ago she has grown her pioneering, luxury upcycling brand into one of the most respected and influential players in the sector. Previously she was a publican, owned a nail and beauty bar, set up her nail and beauty product company Nail Rock and worked as a celebrity nail artist working in fashion and film including with Angelina Jolie for Disney’s Maleficent and Angelica Houston for Horrid Henry.

    She has grown her latest business organically using her skills in online marketing, PR and sales, gaining high profile clients and major media coverage along the way.

    Through teaching in her upcycling school she is on a mission to spread the word of the options for sustainably reusing household items and furniture by upcycling and repurposing them without compromising on design and style.

    She designs a range of wallpapers, fabrics and homewares under the Muck n Brass banner.

    To spread her sustainability message to the widest possible audience she presents the CBeebies series Junk Rescue and appears as an expert on BBC1’s Flipping Profit.

    Website: https://www.mucknbrass.com

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