• Make of the month

    Recycled T-Shirt Necklace

    Step 1
    Remove the bottom hem of the T-shirt and then cut it under the armpits so you are left with just the middle section.
    Step 2
    Cut half-inch strips from one side of the shirt to the other, leaving them connected at one end.
    Step 3
    Stretch the fabric so it starts to curl naturally.
    Step 4
    The seams at the side of the T-shirt don’t stretch and curl like the rest of the fabric so it’s an idea to wrap the spare (scrap) T-shirt fabric around the area with the seam and this will hide it. You can use fabric glue to secure it if needed.
    Step 5
    Decorate as desired with beads making sure the hole in the middle of your bead is quite large for the material to thread through.

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