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    Summer Garden Jar Lanterns


    How to make

    Step 1
    Soak your chosen jar in warm water to remove any labels
    Step 2
    Using a Fiskars shape puncher or the AvantEdge punch system feed in several layers of tissue and punch out the desired hearts, circles, or intricate lace shapes. (Note: a good tip when using the AvantEdge is to fold a sheet of A4 paper around the tissue, which will help it not to tear).
    Step 3
    Apply PVA to the back of the tissue and stick onto the jar, or alternatively paste the jar with PVA and press on the shapes (this works best with the tissue lace as it is so delicate).
    Step 4
    Leave to dry and add a handle if you want to hang your lantern. Wind some wire around the neck of the jar and then loop it over to create a handle – you can then wind the ends of the wire around a pen or pencil to create a pleasing curly effect.
    Step 5
    Check the handle is secure, add a candle and enjoy!

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