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    Family History Wall Art

    This is a perfect handmade gift for a loved one – so easy to do and it will be really appreciated by your mum, dad, sister, brother, gran, pops, aunty, uncle etc!
    You will need:

    • A plain canvas
    • Family photographs
    • A teabag!
    • Gift wrap paper and various embellishments
    • Glue

    How to make it

    Step 1
    This is optional! We took a freshly used tea bag and stained the canvas to give it a mottled less ‘white’ look. Let it dry before Step 2.
    Step 2
    Cut out your pictures and make some ‘frames’ for them by cutting various bits of gift wrap paper / old greeting cards etc. To get sharp edges we used the Fiskars Personal Surecut Paper Trimmer 30 cm A4. For more information on this click here.
    Step 3
    Place ALL of your backgrounds and materials on the canvas and play about with the layout until you are happy. Now get gluing!
    Step 4
    Finish off your masterpiece with some embellishments. Your work of art is now complete and ready to hand over to a loved one on a special occasion!

    Watch Julie & Wendy creating their Family History Wall Art below:

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