• Make of the month

    Keepsake Book Boxes

    You will need:

    • An unwanted hardback book
    • A sharp blade – we used a Fiskars Softgrip Art Knife
    • A heart shaped template
    • PVA glue

    How to make it

    Step 1
    Open your book at the place you want your ‘box’ to be revealed. This can be at the very first page or a few pages in. Once you’ve decided, glue the rest of the pages together by squeezing the pages together and brushing glue along the edges. Allow to dry.
    Step 2
    On your starting page, put your heart shape in place and cut around it with your art knife. Only aim to cut a few pages at a time. When you feel you’ve gone deep enough brush some PVA glue around the inside edges of the sunken heart.
    Step 3
    Decorate as desired! For our ‘pink heart’ book we used silver and gold pens and paints to brush on a design and cut out some small hearts to glue in place as a final touch. Our kissing couple was found on the web… we printed them out and slotted them into place.
    Step 4
    (Optional) Instead of a kissing couple you can fill your heart with treasures, trinkets, jewellery, love notes etc. And instead of a heart you can simply cut out a rectangular shape instead!
    Top Tip!
    You will by now have a pile of heart shapes! Punch holes in the top, take some string and turn them into bunting. Or glue two hearts together either side a wooden stick (coffee stirrers!) to make heart lollipops.

    Watch Julie & Wendy making the Keepsake Box below:

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