• Make of the month

    Sock Teddy

    You will need:

    • One sock (new – or a used, lonely, single sock often found in washing machine)
    • Small scissors
    • Stuffing (we used Hobbycraft’s Soft Toy Filling)
    • Needle and thread (to match sock colour)
    • Ribbon (for bow around neck)
    • Buttons/small pom poms (for eyes and nose)

    How to make it

    Step 1
    Turn the sock inside out so that the toe section is nearest to you and the heel is facing you – the heel becomes teddy’s face. Cut a line centrally from the toe towards the heel, finishing half way – this will become teddy’s legs.
    Step 2
    Cut the shape for teddy’s ears a little way above the heel and save the excess top of the sock to make the arms.
    Step 3
    Sew the ears with a running back-stitch, and then sew the legs, leaving a gap in one of teddy’s feet to insert the filling.
    Step 4
    Turn the sock the right way round and stuff generously so that teddy is nicely full – finish by sewing up foot.
    Step 5
    Cut the remainder of the top of the sock into two small squares and roll to create two arms – attach to teddy’s sides.
    Step 6
    Finally, tie a ribbon round teddy’s neck (if desired) and sew on buttons for eyes and a button or pom-pom for teddy’s nose.


    Watch Julie & Wendy making the Sock Teddy below:

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